Informácie o ME veteránov na krátke trate 200 a 1000 metrov.

Informace pro veterány - rychlost

Martin Mišík | 19.10.2004 12:43:57


General Information of the 1st Canoe Flatwater Masters European Championships


Maty-éri Gróf Széchenyi István International Rowing and Canoeing Tracks, Szeged, Hungary

Competition Dates: 13-14th August, 2005

Competition Organiser: Hungarian Canoe Federation (MKKSZ)

Approaching the Competition Venue:

Szeged is 167 km away from the capital city Budapest, in the direction of South; its approaching is the fastest on M5 highway from Budapest. The race course can be reached from the road to Baja (Highway No. 55) and from the road to Röszke (E75). Szeged can also be approached by Intercity train service.


All Sprint (Flatwater) events are 200 metres and 1,000 metres.

Nomination rules:

Every competitor represents himself/herself and is responsible for nomination and participation. However the organising committee accepts any nomination appealed by clubs or national committees if the general rules are observed.

Only those competitors may participate in the competitions, who did not take part at any national or international senior competitions in the years 2004 or 2005.

Age Categories:

Men, women, mixed: -34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+

The first year, when a competitor is entitled to start in a certain age category is the year in he/she reaches the age category’s lower age-limit. It means, a competitor can take part at the racing if he/she reaches his/her 30. birthday in 2005.

Competitors may compete in a younger age category.

The average age of the competitors will be used to determine the age category for mixed and team events, except if the age difference is bigger than 15 years, where the team has to start one age category lower, than the age category calculated on the basis of average. Ages will be rounded down. (See examples in footprint)

Competing in more than one age category:

Every competitor can compete in a maximum of three age groups, regardless of class entered. Competitors can compete in a maximum of two events per day.

Age verification:

Each competitor must prove their age by means of an official document with a photograph (driving licence, ID card, or passport). Random checks will also be made.

Health / Fitness:

Each competitor is responsible for his/her own state of health and must ensure himself/herself that he/she is fit enough to compete at this type of event.

Each competitor has to fill the statement on the nomination form that he/she is responsible for the state of health/fitness and the organisers are not responsible for any accident resulting from the competitor’s state of health.


K1 200 m, 1000 m




C1 200 m, 1000 m




K2 200 m, 1000 m




C2 200 m, 1000 m




K4 200 m, 1000 m




C4 200 m, 1000 m


K4 mix team consists of 2 W and 2 M.

Competing in more than one class:

It is allowed to compete in more than one class; however, any paddler may only compete in a maximum of two events per day (maximum 4 events altogether).

Combination of age groups:

If there are not enough teams or individuals for viable competition in an age group, categories may be combined. The awarding of medals will not be affected. That means, teams and individuals will still be awarded medals in the event or age group they originally entered.

Splitting of events:

No heats or semi-finals will be held. If there are more than 9 (10) competitors in any event, the event will be split into 2 or more finals. Each final will be awarded independently (2 or more winners and runner-ups will be declared).

Rules for boats:

The dimensional and weight rules of ICF flatwater races govern. Random weight checks will be made (boat control)

Boats available for rent:

Boats in limited number will be available for rent at the venue; however competitors are encouraged to bring their own boats.

What if someone doesn“t have a partner or crew to compete with?

A message board (forum) will be set up on the official Web site of the event to help competitors to find other people looking for crews or to form their own crew.

Entry fee, Registration, Accommodation, Boat Rental fees:

The details of registration, accommodation and transport possibilities, boat rental details, etc. will be shown by 1st of November, 2004. at the official Web site of the events:


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